Google indexing issue

Posted By on Jul 17, 2012 | 0 comments

I have recently been updating some SEO on an existing site – Lots of new content, tweaks behind the scene and WordPress updates to get the site properly set up.

Trouble is that Google isn’t listing it yet! First time I have ever come across this so I’m working through all the possibilities…

  • Google Webmaster tools verifies it all okay and site is getting crawled by the google bots. (sounds awful but it is a good thing honest!)
  • No errors from the crawling
  • Appears fine on yahoo, bing, etc.
  • Resubmitted sitemap (pending which might take several days!)
  • Checked robots.txt
  • No horrible duplicate site URL stuff going on.

Will see what happens over the next day or two and update this post accordingly!

Never seen the same issue on any other WordPress sites or otherwise before.