So how much is all this web perfection going to cost?

Well, we offer a bespoke service so we don’t really have a specific price list. So it’s best to contact us for pricing. Don’t worry though, we will always be totally upfront with costs and stick to our quotes as long as you don’t move too far away from the original specifications.

What do you get for the money?

  • Registration of a Domain Name for free – others such as .com  we will need to talk about
  • Web Space to store your webpages on
  • Up to 5 Email address(s)
    • eg
  • Everything is backed up for peace of mind
  • Any size of website you want
  • Any look and feel for you website that you want
  • Constant communication to keep you in the picture to how things are progressing.
  • Ideally you provide the text and images and choice of colours. We can provide a full, professional design service for any custom graphics.
  • Basic changes with reasonable limits for free (phone number/opening hours etc)

What if I want more?

Rather than coming back to us for changes to a constantly evolving page (such as a price list page) we can give you the ability to update your own site.

Anything else…If the above doesn’t suit your needs then you can come to us with an idea for your own website and we will tell you how much it will cost to have it built – no matter how big or small. We will prepare a professional estimate that we will honour. It does take time to gather all the information required – ie pictures/forms/design – so don’t expect a website to appear overnight!

If you want some advice or need to know more then we are more than happy to provide as much of it as we can for free! Email us via the contact form