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Following on from me blogging about using Trello, another tool I try to use as often as possible is Todoist. I’m a terrible one for needing lists of things to do or reminders written down – otherwise they just don’t happen!

I suppose there is a bit of a crossover between Trello and Todoist but I tend to use Trello for the detail and todoist for the semi-big-picture stuff like ‘do the update for X’. Trello does actually have scheduling within it but I like the more general nature of Todoist for seeing things at a glance. Like Trello I use Todoist for lots of things outside work too and one of its coolest features is the ‘gamification‘ scoring. eg give yourself a task to do at a date and time and you get points, do it ahead of schedule and get more points, postpone it and lose points!

Naturally there are apps for all devices so why not give the free version a try!