fonts – the other way

Posted By on Sep 29, 2011 | 0 comments

Aha, I had forgotten (or rather never used) the other way to embed fonts on to webpages. What I feel is the proper way.

The background (in case this and my previous post make no sense) is that you can normally define only a certain limited number of font to use on a website because the person visiting your site needs to have those same fonts installed on their own machine to view them. If they don’t have them then they get a horrible default one like times roman or something.

Cufon does it one way, but the nicer way is to embed various formats of the font definition file on the website behind the scenes and that tell the webpage to use those files rather than from you local machine. Hey presto, everything works nicely in all browsers (except really, really old ones)

I’ll put up an example when I get a mo.